“I’d get on your nerves,” I answered with a light smile, as he challenged me to a day of movie quoting. Jason used to hate it when I’d do that. He absolutely refused to watch movies with me. Or at least, movies I had already seen.

As Brayden leaned back, I leaned with him, wrapping my arm around his torso for comfort as the credits rolled on my small flat screen TV. “Why do you love these movies so much?” he asks, and I smile, staring at the illustrations that light up the screen as the actors and actresses names appear.

“I love how…simple, they are..,” I answer. “I mean, you won’t find any 3D HD IMAX special effects in these pictures, or an airbrushed Jennifer Aniston or a complicated plot that you have keep up with,” I answer.

Placing my hand over my mouth, I yawn a little and rest my head against his shoulder. “All the men are gentlemen, and all the women are ladies. It’s all very…simple..,” I repeated sleepily. Tilting my head a little, I let my eyes meet his. “Thanks for the rings, Brayden..” I answer, not looking away. “I really do appreciate….everything you do, even if I don’t act like it,” I add, gently brushing back his hair.

I’m exhausted.

Reaching for the remote, I flip off the television and untangle myself from my superhero, and sit up, stretching my arms out a little…and then yawning again. “You’re my best friend, Brayden…you know that?” I ask him. “And I mean that….I don’t have anyone else. It’s just you,” I say sleepily, propping my head up with my hand as I lean against the opposite side of the couch. “Just you..,” I repeat once more, letting my eyes close as I let out a soft sigh.

kiss me like this, somebody.

launching party @ Thorne Enterprises.

Anonymous go ahead, ask me.:

What sort of things did he say to you?

Oh God, we’re really going there aren’t we? 

He said, I was a psychopath. That my mood swings were enough to drive anybody crazy and that I wasn’t worth the trouble. Nobody would ever love me because I’m too complicated and that I’m always wanting someone to fight for me/or with me but I push away any person who might want a chance. That I’m troublesome. And that I was going to die alone because nobody would ever want to put up with me. 

And you know what, he’s right on most cases. 

I am complicated, and I am always looking for a fight, a challenge. And maybe I’m a psychopath too. I don’t know. 

But I’m most definitely going to die alone. 

Just ask my mother. I’ve sent plenty of guys running for the hills. 

Anonymous go ahead, ask me.:

What did your ex do exactly to hurt you?

He put this whole idea into my head. 

He told me that he loved me, and that I was perfect and that he wanted to raise a family with me, and grow old with me. 

And then a week before the wedding, he takes it all back. 

I can’t even remember what we were fighting about. Probably something stupid. I don’t know. But he said some things to me….and I’ve never really gotten over what he said. 

I guess because he was probably right. 

And then he just sort of left. And I was left to tell everyone what happened and I had to cancel everything and I had to do all the explaining.

It sucked ass. 

Anonymous go ahead, ask me.:

Three things to get you in the 'mood'
  • kiss me on the neck and i’m yours. 
  • gentle biting. 
  • bedside candlelight. 

and red wine….that usually does the trick. 

Anonymous go ahead, ask me.:

What should you be doing right now?

sleeping. I’ve got work in the morning…but Brayden is here and I just want to watch old movies with him all night. 

Anonymous go ahead, ask me.:

name a song that reminds you of your special someone.

i know places - lykke li. 

we danced to it at the Thorne Enterprises launch party last year. probably one of my favorite moments. 

Anonymous go ahead, ask me.:

How can you still not be over your ex?

I’m over him. Believe me. 

It still hurts though. To think that I’d found love, that I gave this one person everything…and he hurt me the way he did. Like he never even really cared about me at all. So yeah, my heart is still healing.

And I don’t ever want to feel that way again.